Rules of etiquette for those who visit the Orthodox church. Etiquette formulas

Rules of etiquette for those who visit the Orthodox church. Etiquette formulas

In the temple should come before the beginning of the Divine service. If you are late, try not to interfere with the prayer of others.

Well, if the temple has a place where you used to stand. Come there quietly and modestly. If there is no such place, do not worry. Do not disturb others, try to become so that singing and reading can be heard.

During the service do not go around the church, even to put the candles on. Attached to the icons also follows before the beginning of the Divine Service and after it or at the appointed time.

In the temple they greet a silent bow with acquaintances, even with very close people do not exchange handshakes and do not question anything – they tend to be very modest. Do not consider people standing around you, but pray sincerely,

delving into the order and content of the service.

In the temple it is necessary to stand and only in case of illness it is allowed to sit down and rest.

One should be baptized with every appeal to the Lord. It is necessary to cross and bow before going to the icon or putting a candle, as well as entering the temple and leaving it. When the priest makes a detour with the censer, one should step aside so as not to interfere with him, and tilt his head slightly. To be baptized at this time is not necessary

Children should behave in the temple quietly and modestly. You can not eat in the temple, except when the priests distribute the blessed bread.

According to the old Slavic tradition, men should stand in the right part of the temple, and women in the left. The passage from the main doors to the king’s gate must remain free.

Dressing, going to the temple, should be modest and neat. Women need to cover their heads. It is inadmissible to take communion and apply to shrines with painted lips.

The main thing is the mutual love of the parishioners and understanding of the content of the service. If we enter the temple of God with reverence, if we stand in the church and think that we are in heaven, then the Lord will fulfill our requests.

Etiquette formulas:

God is for help –

is used as a greeting with the wish of successful work for someone who does something, works.

Be afraid of God – saying, used as a warning, please do not do, do not say anything.

God With him – a phrase for the expression of consent, reconciliation, forgiveness; Let it be so, all right.

God With You – 1) is used to express surprise, denial, reproach, etc.; 2) is used as tranquility: no need to get angry, cry, etc.

For God’s sake – very much please, please.

With God! – is used as a wish for success, good luck.

Thank God! – 1) good, excellent; 2) nothing to say, do not jinx it, as you can see.

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Rules of etiquette for those who visit the Orthodox church. Etiquette formulas