Their names preserve the memory of the people

The spectacle of a great man’s life is always

A beautiful sight: it elevates the soul… excites activity.

V. Belinsky

The role that this or that person played in the destiny of his people is always evaluated from the positions of modernity. Everyone who left a good trace in the history of the country will live forever in the memory of the people. These people cared for the welfare of the country, they were true patriots, their actions taught people courage, decency, responsibility.

We, the generation of the beginning of the XXI century, trust people brave, purposeful, ready to defend their people. Each outstanding personality of the past is unique and talented. Someone with weapons in their hands guarded the country from enemies, someone created it and equipped it, someone left us with a legacy of great scientific discoveries and unsurpassed works of art, and someone cared about the well-being of the people, about the development of culture, science

and education. All of them were united by the fact that in the scale of their life values ​​the interests of the motherland were in the first place. Therefore, their names are kept by history, that’s why we are proud of them.

Among the many names of state and public figures, people’s leaders and generals, writers and poets, artists and artists, scientists and educators, I distinguish the names of Ukrainian hetmans.

As a state institution, the hetman was created by the Ukrainian Cossacks. How many nice names left it to us! Bogdan Khmelnitsky, Petro Doroshenko, Ivan Mazepa, Pyotr Sagaidachny, Pavel Polubotok, Kirill Razumovsky – they wanted to see Ukraine a free state, and the people – rich, educated, cultured. The merit of Ukrainian hetmans is mainly their military affairs: the defense of the country from many enemies was the first priority of those times. About their military exploits, about courage, about the daring attacks of Cossacks under the leadership of the hetmans, about the settlement of relations with Poland, then with Moscow, then with Lithuania they know everything.

But the Ukrainian hetmans were engaged not only in the war, they also had quite peaceful concerns.

On their initiative, new schools were opened for the education of children of all layers of the Ukrainian population. Particularly concerned about the education of the people, Ivan Mazepa and Kirill Razumovsky. Defending the Orthodox Church from the onslaught of Catholics, the hetmans defended the faith of our ancestors. Being full-fledged rulers of Ukraine, they turned out to be able administrators, reformed Cossack self-government. The supreme power in the Cossack state became elective. With all the hetmans sacredly preserved Cossack customs and traditions: respect and honor to the elderly, holiness of the partnership, openness in decision-making. The grass-roots Cossacks always knew about the plans of the hetman, about where and why they would be led into battle by the chorus and the atamans.

Let not all the affairs of the hetmans today are evaluated unequivocally. I believe that the errors of the hetmans, who became visible from the standpoint of the present, should be forgiven and forgotten, because in the activity of each of the Ukrainian hetmans there was still more good – that which causes pride and respect for the country.

God grant that in our Ukraine as soon as possible there are such figures who in fact, and not in words, would care about the people. To act not in their own selfish interests, but in the interests of people who trusted them with power. I would like to give advice to modern statesmen: think about the people, take care of it as the glorious hetmans of Ukraine did!

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Their names preserve the memory of the people