Discourse on the theme of life

Sooner or later a person thinks about what life is and what is its meaning. Most often this happens when he managed to live for more than a year and has accumulated a decent life experience. But it seems to me that the sooner a person poses this question, the better.

When you are at the beginning of your life path, you can choose how you want to live. And you can make the right choice only by understanding what you really want. The surrounding world provides us with a lot of opportunities, to determine the right path is often not at all easy. I think that each of us met elderly people who regretted the lost chances, but there is no time left to correct something.

Human life is the greatest value. But some people deliberately sacrifice it for the common good. Such cases strike the imagination, and these people become heroes. Suffice it to recall the great scientists who, in the name of science, put experiments on themselves or continued to work with harmful substances, realizing the danger to their own health. Soldiers of the Great Patriotic War, without hesitation, sacrificed themselves to protect their native land, and the liquidators of the accident in Chernobyl, one might say, shut down the rest of the country. There are many examples of such stories, it is important to remember these exploits.

We must not forget, life is also a colossal responsibility to oneself. After all, she is alone and the chance to replay everything can and does not introduce herself. Everyone is free to choose his own path and himself to be responsible for his choice. Life is boring without favorite pursuits, close people, interests. Therefore, we must try to reveal our talents, develop, learn, make friends.

It is necessary to learn one rule: treat others as you would like them to treat you. This will help to remain human in all situations. Probably, if everyone were guided by it, then life on the Earth would become better.

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Discourse on the theme of life