A good man’s composition

How does a good person seem to me? He treats people and animals kindly, does not refuse help, does not offend others by word or deed. You can always rely on it, you can believe the word of a good person. After all, lies and wickedness can not characterize a person on the good side.

Can I call myself a good person? Probably, yes, I would very much like it. I try very hard to do good deeds, to help my relatives and not only, to be honest and decent. Of course, I can not be called an angel. For example, I do not always manage to overcome laziness, because of it I have trouble.

The world is full of different people, and equaling all under one standard, probably, would be wrong. What is good for one can be unacceptable to another. However, we can still single out more or less generalized rules for everyone. For example, you need to live and act in a way that does not harm others, be it a person, beast or nature; try to help those who are in trouble, even if it does not bring you benefits.

My grandmother is for me an example of a good person. She is understanding and kind. As a child, I listened to her tales that taught goodness and mercy. Now I can turn to my grandmother with any problem, and I know for sure that she will understand and support me, will prompt the right decision, podsobit. But she does not just treat me like that. Every neighbor loves her, because her grandmother is cheerful and helps everyone. Recently rescued a stray dog, which was hit by a car. Grandmother took it and took it to the doctor. There she was cured and put in a shelter. I was very happy to learn that in just a couple of weeks she had found a family for her. Thus, my grandmother, not leaving the living creature in trouble, even this dog, saved him from death and even could affect the fate of the animal.

So, having before my eyes a living example, I can and in myself bring up the qualities of a good person.

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A good man’s composition