Legends and Myths of Germany

One of the myths of German folklore tells of a young man named Krabat. The description of this fascinating and magically covered story belongs to the pen of Otfried Proysler. Legend has it that in the east of Germany, in the places where the Lusatian Slavs lived, there was a mill, which was notorious among the people. This place, in no other way, how you can not call it ghastly. And all because the mill is not a mill at all, but a school of black magic, and the miller is not a miller at all, but a sorcerer. And in the students he has twelve young men, each of whom was personally called by the master-sorcerer. Only here is the payment for a well-fed life and knowledge of black magic – death. Once a year, the master brings one of his most capable pupils to the sacrifice, thus prolonging his life. And to become free from the oath of eternal service, the disciple needs to defeat the master in a deadly battle.

Krabat, who lost his parents in his early childhood, wanders from

one village to another in the company of two of his friends. On weekdays they feed on what God will send, and on holidays by the fact that the merciful peasants will serve. Once in a dream, Krabat is a black raven with one eye and tells him to go to the “Black Mill”. And leaving friends, Krabat goes to her search.

Having reached the place, Krabat falls into the cleverly spaced by the master-sorcerer of the network and becomes his faithful disciple. Gradually, getting used to a new life, Krabat begins to understand that the matter is not right and decides to escape. Only to carry out the conceived it is not possible. In whatever direction he ran, but still returned to the mill. After a day of unsuccessful attempts to escape, Krabat finally gave up and returned.

From the first days of staying at the mill, Krabat has a friend. The oldest student, Tonda. He constantly looks after an inexperienced newcomer and imperceptibly helps him to perform difficult work. A year later Krabat was initiated into the secret of the “Black Mill”. From that moment on, he becomes a full-time apprentice and

begins to learn. After a ceremonial night in the forest before Easter, Krabat and Tonda became like brothers. Tonda told him about all the horror and despair of their stay at the mill and promised that with his beloved he would put an end to this. Having learned about Tonda’s love for the village girl, the Master kills her, and before Christmas straightens himself and himself

After the death of his best friend, Krabat decides to take a desperate step, to oppose the master and defeat him. But the road to victory is difficult and alone Krabat can not cope for anything. To help him comes Yuro, who helps Krabat to learn the wisdom of black magic, secretly teaching him at night.

Once, while fulfilling the Master’s instructions, Krabat is at a village festival in a nearby village where he meets a girl. Friendship quickly grows into love, which immediately affects the behavior of Krabat and can not escape from the Master. Alarmed by this turn of events, the Master closely follows Krabat to find out the identity of the girl who poses a potential threat to him. This causes Krabat to hurry up with the preparation for a fight with the master. To do this, he dedicates the girl to her plans and relies on her help.

At the appointed time, she comes to the mill and demands that her beloved be returned to her. But according to the rules, she must pass the test and find among the twelve crows Krabat. Heart and love help her in this. The master is defeated. Students become free, and the mill burns with the sorcerer.

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Legends and Myths of Germany