Blooming apple orchard

The color of the apple tree! The color of the tenderness of spring, the color of the joy of spring, the color of the spring dream…

I walk along a path that snakes between a rare shrubbery. She leads me to the garden. In an amazing, blooming apple orchard. Here it stands, happy, rich, luxurious! And a slight coolness awakens him. The garden broke out with a foam fire in front of me. White and pink masses of flowers. The blue transparent sky… The garden is full of buzzing bees. After a date with each flower they carry with them on their paws a gentle pollen and fragrant nectar.

To the right, at the turn to the gazebo, the apple tree bent, resembling a woman in a white cloak, waving to me with a snow-white hand. On the bark of the trees, the beads of the dew are poured in the sun. And under the trees – a fresh green herbs, strewn with an easy substitute for tender pink, snow-white petals.

This long alley leads me to the very heart of the garden – into the very midst of the young blooming apple trees. And then you are already lost, which of them is more beautiful? But the beauty of flowering apples is not eternal. And the garden, as if understanding this, for a short time seeks to show all its splendor: both sounds, and colors, and smells.

From the window of my room I look at the garden and happiness wakes up with me every morning. All, all white!

After a dark, rainy autumn and a cold winter, again you are young, full of happiness, the angels of heaven have not left you.

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Blooming apple orchard