The relationship between parents and children

Parents, loving their children and wanting to please them, bought them in his “House of Happiness” a miracle room, all the walls of which were computer monitors. The room could reproduce on its walls any landscape, any pictures and scenes that only the children imagined. And, in general, this house did all the work for its inhabitants: he cooked, cleaned, washed, washed them, tied them with shoelaces, did everything to make their life as comfortable as possible.

It would seem an excellent and very convenient idea. The time that was spent on everyday worries is now being released and can be spent on…

And here, quite unexpectedly, a problem arose. It turned out that to spend some free time and not on that.

Both Mama Lydia and Papa George began to feel unnecessary, they had nothing to occupy themselves, they became nervous and unbalanced.

The children got worse. It turned out that the room was completely ousted from their daily lives and their

parents’ hearts. Mom and Dad no longer need children, because the mechanical house did everything much faster and better than living people.

Why did something go wrong?

The first felt that something went wrong, parents. They intuitively guessed that everything was in the room and even turned it off for a few hours. Children began a terrible hysteria and in their souls hatred for parents arose. The room was now full of African veld and from there terrible terrifying cries were heard. Lions living in the veld, always ate something and the vultures after a bloody meal long circled the bones of the victims.

Parents decide to start a new, normal life, without robots, machines and fictitious reality. From now on they will do everything themselves. But when this is reported to children, they fall into hysterics, they can not imagine living without a room.

For them, “It is enough to look, listen and smell! There are no other worthwhile occupations.”

Children persuade George and Lydia to turn the room on for a minute and lock them there. Lions come alive and eat parents, and

it becomes clear whose screams were heard from the nursery in recent months, because children so often imagined the death of their parents, that it became a reality.

Can anyone fix it?

Are the children guilty of their cruelty? Why did such an outcome become possible? Parents spoiled children, spending for them not their time and mental strength, but only their money. Children’s souls, not feeling a human attitude to themselves, they became automatic weapons, they, like their parents, wanted only to consume, without thinking and without making any effort.

His story Ray Bradbury drew attention to the problem of misunderstanding between children and parents, unwillingness to think and to participate in the fate of each other.

All of us who read this story need to reconsider their relationships with their loved ones, not to spare their warmth for them, and everything will form, love and mutual understanding will not allow us to at least to some extent repeat the fate of the heroes of the story.

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The relationship between parents and children