The problem of selfishness

Egoism is the problem that Ali Absheroni is discussing. In his essay the author indignantly says that a terrible disease has spread in the society – “self-love”. It took many centuries for society to at least in words recognize that the lives of others have the same value as their own lives.

However, Ali Absheroni noted with regret that in practice everything remains as before: if it is necessary to sacrifice the lives of others in their own interests, people do it “easily, without a twinge of conscience and hesitation, but are greatly outraged when others easily manage their own lives” . Determine the position of the author is easy enough. He believes that “selfishness is a serious human vice”, and does not perceive those people who care only about themselves. It’s hard not to agree with the opinion of Ali Absheroni.

Indeed, selfishness is nothing but a disease of mankind. It has existed for a long time. As before, so now

the self-love for many of us is above all. This is what the classics have repeatedly said in their works. Let us recall, for example, the story of A. P. Chekhov “Anna on the neck”. His main character, Anyuta, having become the wife of a well-to-do bureaucrat, quickly forgets about her father and brothers, whom she loved before. Selfishness, settled in her soul after marriage, contributes to this. D. London in his work “In the far land” tells readers about the fate of Wetherby and Cutfert.

Going to the North for gold, they are forced to winter together in a hut standing far from the inhabited places. And here with cruel evidence is their endless selfishness. The relationship between the heroes is the same competition, not just for profit, but for survival. And in the conditions in which they found themselves, the outcome of it can not be different than in the final of the novel: Catffert is dying, crushed by the Wetherby body, whom he finished off in an animal fight because of a cup of sugar. Thus, I can conclude that each of us must struggle with “self-love”: after all, humanity lives by a thousand souls, self-love – only one, and moreover very pitiful.

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The problem of selfishness