The problem of patriotism

It seems to me that the problem of patriotism in our time is more urgent than ever. Patriotism is a love for the motherland, for the country where you were born. Patriotism implies a love of nature, of people living in the country, of honoring traditions and customs. A person can not be a patriot if he does not even know the history of his state. A true patriot respects and values ​​everything connected with his homeland.

At present, two aspects are connected with the problem of patriotism. On the one hand, people who believe that life abroad is much better. Such people tend to leave their homeland, believing that life in it is hopeless and does not bode well. This position is mainly shared by young people. They see on TV that in other countries people are better off, and in general they do not have a life, but a holiday. While in his native country everything is bad and terrible. I believe that it is precisely because of this attitude that our country does not thrive to the

full. If people love their homeland and try for its own good, life in our country will change significantly.

On the other hand, people who unite the concepts of “patriotism” and “nationalism.” Often you can hear from the news that nationalists killed a man of a different nationality. This is real fascism, because Hitler also believed that the Germans are the highest race, so others had to be destroyed. The nationalists have some kind of wild and inexplicable love for their homeland, namely their own people. They do not consider people as representatives of other peoples. But patriotism is love and respect for other nations living in the country.

There are very few true patriots, mostly elderly people. They have seen a lot in their lives. They really love and appreciate their country, and also respect all the peoples living in it. I consider myself a patriot. I do not want to go to a foreign country and communicate with people regardless of their nationality. For me, all are equal.

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The problem of patriotism