Composition is my favorite land

For each person, a favorite place on earth is where he was born and raised. We can periodically leave our city, region, but always look forward to returning back. We are literally drawn here by an unknown force, we miss our native places.

I live with my parents in the middle zone of Russia. My native land is very beautiful and unique. Russian nature in general is famous for its picturesqueness, colorful. Despite the fact that we do not have seas and mountains, nature is very attractive for us. My parents and I try, as far as possible, to go out countryside to admire our native spaces: endless meadows and fields, decorated with a real carpet of flowers. The smell here is inimitable, intoxicating.

It is important to preserve all this magnificence in its original form so that our children and grandchildren can admire them. You can not live for today, according to the principle “there will be enough for our age”. The nature of this does not forgive, can take revenge

in a hundredfold. You do not need to joke with such things. Love, appreciate and protect its beauty and natural wealth.

It seems that the sky in its native places is the purest and blue, and the sun is the brightest, and the flowers are the most beautiful. Here I was born and grew up, met my first love. How can you change these places for some other. I do not argue, there are many beautiful cities and villages in Russia. Every inhabitant will praise and worship his native places, because they are really the best. I dream that my knowledge, which I will receive in the process of studying, would be of use to me in the small homeland, glorifying it, making it even more worthy.
My hometown is small. It has about 300 thousand inhabitants. Our city this year will be 364 years old. Is this a lot or a little? I think that compared to other cities that were built 1000 years ago – it’s not so much. This once again proves that my native city has a bright future, everything is still ahead, because such kind and wonderful people live here.

I was lucky, because I live in the capital of our region.

We have festive events, people come not only from all over the republic, but also from neighboring regions and territories. Pass exhibitions, fairs. Folk craftsmen share the secrets of their creativity, each time surprising the townspeople with new facets of talent. Often there are also music festivals, which every time are sold out.

I am proud to live in a region that is famous for its talents far beyond its borders. It’s not just about the above areas. We have a lot of talented athletes with world renown. They glorified our native land all over Russia-mother and far beyond its borders.

About the Russian nature, written a lot of musical works, books of fiction. In them, the authors glorify their homeland. Our task is to follow their example.

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Composition is my favorite land