The life of an ancient man

How did the ancient people live?

The life and way of life of ancient people arouses considerable curiosity. To us, children of the modern world with all its benefits and high technologies, it is difficult to understand how the life of people who had nothing at their disposal but natural resources was built. In this article I will tell you about how ancient people lived and what their way of life was like.

Tribal relations

Ancient people lived in tribes, for it was impossible to survive alone in the harsh conditions of the wild. Each member of the tribe had a role – men engaged in hunting and fishing, manufactured tools, women mastered gathering and farming, raising children, housing and preparing. Weak members of the tribe and older children helped women in their troubles.

Since in ancient times there was no medicine, the ancient people did not live long. In addition, childbearing age was low, and infant mortality was high. How old did the ancient people

live? Of course, everything depended on the person’s way of life, but the 30-year-old man was already considered an old man.

Tribes, however, sought to increase the number, but because the mores of the ancient people, by our standards, were free. Loyalty was not given too much attention, the main thing was to conceive offspring. Since the men in the tribes were in short supply – many died in hunting and in battles with neighboring tribes, it was quite normal to have several wives.

Cave – accommodation and altar

The cave for the ancient people was not only a place where fire burned in the cold time, food was prepared and the lodging was organized – the cave was also an altar. In the caves people painted their first “icons”, pictures of victories over wild animals, performed tribal dances, etc. In later times, totems appeared in caves, personifying the gods that people prayed for.

The life of the ancient people was, of course, much slower than ours, but nevertheless, progress was not alien to them. Men invented new tools, mostly of stone and wood, and women

– new objects of use, allowing them to more easily manage the economy. In addition, while collecting, women sought out new spices to diversify, in general, a very meager diet.

Contrary to popular belief, ancient people did not go naked and did not cover themselves with leaves, they made their own clothes from animal skins, made ornaments from shells and stones. By the way, shells and stones often played the role of money, they were used for trade both inside the tribe and outside it.

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The life of an ancient man