Behind the glass Merle in brief

Behind the glass Merle in brief

In the 60-ies. The Sorbonne became cramped with its old walls – it was suffocating from the influx of students. Then it was necessary to take a difficult decision reluctantly the university recognized that some of the capital’s children could not get a higher education in Paris itself, the Faculty of Philology tore a piece from its own body and threw it on the wasteland of Nanterre. In 1964, in the midst of construction, the new faculty opened to students their paint-stained doors. The novel covers one day -22 March 1968. Along with the fictional characters, real faces are represented – Dean Grappen, Assessor God, student leader Daniel Cohn-Bendit.

Six o’clock in the morning. Abdelaziz hears the ringing of the alarm clock and opens his eyes. Darkness and icy

cold. Sometimes he says to himself: “Abdelaziz, what are you doing here?” Construction, dirt, rain, mortal anguish Are you sure that you did not miscalculate? Is it better: the sun without grub or grub and cold? “

Seven o’clock. The alarm clock rings, and Lucy the Minstrel is instantly jumping out of bed. Nothing to lie around – there is a crucial second semester. After washing and pobsirovan with his own reflection in the mirror, he leisurely lunches. Why does not he have a girl? Other guys easily bring their girlfriends to the hostel. Glancing at the ruined pond-building outside the window, he sits at the table: you need to finish the Latin translation and reread Jean-Jacques to the seminar. Slug Bush, of course, still sleeps. Before leaving, the Minstrel Boy stops before his door – two straight left ones from a short distance, Pam Pam!

Eight hours. David Schulz – twenty-one, a second-year student of the department of sociology, leader of anarchists – contemptuously looks around his close kennel. They with Brigitte hardly fit on a narrow bunk. With sexual segregation it was possible to finish, but even the girls who sleep with the guys are not free for real. So Brigitte shivered, as soon as he raised his voice – afraid that the neighbors would hear. He looks with disgust

at himself in the mirror – immediately visible fatted ryasha mamenkinogo son. Why do these fools consider him beautiful? And Brigitte thinks bitterly that all the talk about equality means nothing.

Nine o’clock. Assistant Delmon runs around the door to the office of the head of the professor’s department Earlier. It is necessary to ask this nonentity to support his candidacy for the post of full-time teacher. There are a lot of applicants, and Mari-Paul Lagardet, who walks with a smile along the corridor, will surely outrun him, as he knows how to flatter this inflated turkey.

Eleven o’clock. The minstrel is sitting in the reading room and looking unseeingly at the Old French text. The dearest mother seemed to send money, and the scholarship is again detained – he faces a financial catastrophe. True, there is hope to get a baby-sitter place for two small spoiled thugs. Will he cope with them? I really want to eat – but even more want to be loved. In the meantime, David Schultz is getting acquainted with an Algerian construction boy. Abdelaziz covers the terrace with tar. The young man is separated by a thick glass. The student’s reading room is like a large aquarium.

Thirteen hours. A small, thin, street-like Denise Fargeau sits in a student cafe and listens attentively to his elder comrade – communist Jomé. The conversation is about politics; but Denise thinks about something else. Gome has a beautiful face. True, he is already terribly old – about twenty-five, no less. It would be great to go with him to Scotland for the summer holidays. Zhome, after completing the educational conversation, forgets about Denise: Jacqueline Cavaillon sits down with them, and he lazily reacts to her frank flirtations. All in good time: he never had a shortage of young “parishioners.”

Fifteen hours. Abdelaziz and two old workers are called by the boss. Construction is coming to an end, and workplaces have to be reduced. The chief would prefer to leave the young, but Abdelaziz refuses in favor of Moktar. The second Algerian rushes at the young man with a knife – Abdelaziz with difficulty manages to repel the blow. There is only one hope – to find a friendly guy from the reading room. David instantly finds a young Algerian room in the hostel.

Sixteen hours. At the professor’s club, assistant Delmod listens to the ranting. Earlier: it is necessary to suppress the anarchic inclinations of students, ruthlessly exclude rebels and create university police. Unable to withstand, Delmon rushes to the exit and almost knocked down earlier with his feet. Jacqueline Cavaillon takes a “great” decision – you need to become like the other girls, Jaume or the Minstrel? Joome has too many worries. She appoints Lucien a date in her room.

Eighteen hours. Deniz Fargeau is trying to write an essay. But the sheet after forty minutes of work remains white. He knocks in his head. one thought – how to achieve love for Žomé?

Eighteen hours and thirty minutes. In the university cafeteria, Professor Fremenkur – a liberal and clever – comforts Delmona. You can not care less about the incident with Previously. Let the supervisor attach his assistant directly to the Sorbonne. From the vengeance of one university bonze one should be saved by the protection of another. A rebel gesture will promote a career.

Nineteen hours thirty minutes. Radical students seize the tower, where the university administration is located. Thus, they want to protest against indifferent law, repressive power. Listening to the fiery speeches, David Schultz thinks that Brigitte is now engaged with Abdelaziz mathematics – it was decided to help the guy get at least an elementary education. Of course, David despises bourgeois prejudices and the mountain stands for free love, but Brigitte is primarily his girl. The students do not take their eyes off the illustrious Dani Cohn-Bendit, and Denise Fargeau, taking advantage of the opportunity, clings closer to Zhome. At the same time, Professor N. balances on the brink of life and death – a heart attack piled him right in the tower.

Twenty-two hours. In a small service apartment on the sixth floor of the tower, Professor N. still struggles for life. Jacqueline Cavaillon lies in bed and wants to die. If the Minstrel does not come, she will eat all the pills, then all of them will dance – mother, father, and minstrel. Lucien himself does not know whether he needs this girl now. He has a lot of problems and is hungry to eat. The baby-sitter’s place swam away-the bloody Englishwoman suddenly sailed away. Take Busuch’s money? Then I will not force you out of the room. He enters Jacqueline and immediately notices the pill. God, that was all he needed! .. After reading a stupid girl, he sees the sandwiches she cooks and swallows her saliva. Happy Jacqueline watches as he eats. The ice of stiffness is gradually melting – both of them so lacked love!

Twenty-three hours thirty minutes. David Schultz looks at the sleeping Brigitte. He realizes that he has become entangled in contradictions: on the one hand, he rebukes his girl for inert ideology and respectable frigidity, and on the other – and does not admit that she can belong to another. You still need to know what moral to choose for yourself.

One hour forty-five minutes. Tired students release the captured tower. Assessor God reports to dean Gralpen that the revolution has declared a break for a sleep, Professor N. still manages to cope with a heart attack. And Denise Fargeau finally decides to invite Gome to a vacation in Scotland.

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Behind the glass Merle in brief