The Painting “The army of Pharaoh in the campaign”

The Painting “The army of Pharaoh in the campaign”

History is an interesting science that can tell us a lot about the past – about the life and way of life of people, about everyday habits, their possibilities and progress.

In front of me is an illustration of one of the many historical plots – the campaign of the Pharaoh’s army.

On the endless sandy desert, raising clouds of sand and dust, the army of the pharaoh moves. The strongest and bravest warriors go to foreign lands to conquer new territories, return with victory to their native lands, become famous and get rich.

Mercilessly the hot sun is shining, dressed in white robes and skirt-aprons of the kenti, with white shawls on their heads, wiping sweat from their forehead, they are stepping evenly along the lines, holding heavy spears at the ready.

Heavy colored shields, axes and axes look rather heavy, making us wonder how the Egyptians patiently carry such heavy metal products in their hands and behind their belts. On the feet of ordinary soldiers there is nothing – no sandals, no sashes.

On the right side of the infantry, a cavalry column lined up. In each two-wheeled chariot harnessed a pair of horses, decorated with beautiful harness and blankets. Warriors in wheelchairs hold tree bows with arrows.

The army looks menacing, it seems more than a thousand soldiers, raising clouds of dust, are truly destroying their enemies.

The Painting “The army of Pharaoh in the campaign”