The composition of Dali’s painting “The permanence of memory”

The magnificent picture of Salvador Dali is filled with deep mystery. The picture shows 3 pairs of hours, the clock is a kind of temporary space, through which the flow of our life flows. Namely this past, future and of course the present. Constantly in our memory will be our past and our present, the future awaits each of us and we are entitled to see it as we want it to be. The author wanted to show us the continuous connection between space and time.

In the picture the author described himself as a vague lump with eyelashes. Dali believed that sleep is an infinite journey of man in space, and also this is his death, in what sense he meant not known, but the fact is that sleep is an exception to any reality. The painting also depicts ants and is a symbol of some decay, decay, a foretelling of the worst. With the naked eye you can see a fly in the picture, and it would seem that this is also a symbol of decay, but no, the fly is a muse, according to the author.

The tree

of the olive is depicted dry, since the olive represents the wisdom, the mind, the intelligence of humanity, but the tree is dry, then in time people degrade, so their mind dries along with them. We all know that sleep is a piece of our life. The picture “The permanence of memory” is a dream of Salvador Dali, therefore he sees an object from his real life and this is the mountains, which he repeatedly portrayed in his paintings.

Salvador portrayed the sea, and the sea is an eternity, this boundless space, the sea is the element of nature, and a man with nature is inseparable. Only going into the sea, Salvador Dali felt free, a pacified person.

The most complex object in the picture is the egg. We can not guess why it is depicted here, in fact, El Salvador borrowed this idea from the ancient Greek mystics. According to their ideologies, the egg gave rise to a two-headed Deity, which eventually created people, and from our two halves of an egg formed our planet, that is, heaven and earth. And the most interesting object, in my opinion, is a mirror.

In the mirror, our essence is reflected, our appearance, as a rule, a mirror is impermanent, since many people can admire it, so the mirror is depicted in the picture as variability, impermanence and betrayal. In general, the picture is very interesting and even amusing, in it is hidden some secret, but very deep meaning. Only the Great Artist could see such strange and at the same time beautiful dreams, filled with meaning and ideological diversity.

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The composition of Dali’s painting “The permanence of memory”