How are health and the environment connected?

The most valuable thing for every person is his health. When you are healthy, it is easy to cope with any case. Do we think about how our way of life affects our health? Today, many people are harmed by the thoughtless consumption of the benefits of modern civilization, the habit of comfort. Indeed, thanks to technology, a person does not need to travel long distances on foot, to extract firewood for heating. Machines cut bread and vegetables, whip cream, knead dough, rub the floors and do many more useful things. And in the production of the hardest work machines.

All this, of course, facilitates our existence. But that’s where the danger lies. Surrounded by the wonders of civilization, a person relaxes, moves less, his heart and muscles, without getting the necessary load, become weak, sluggish. Hence, malaise, fatigue, illness and in the end – apathy, unwillingness to work, inability to live a full creative life. Such a person loses one of the main joys –

the joy of health, the feeling of physical vigor, energy.

The mental state of a person depends largely on the physical. Probably, you heard the saying “In a healthy body – a healthy spirit”? After all, it often happens that a person with his reckless behavior undermines his health, turns into a weak, disabled person, and, conversely, a strong spirit can strengthen himself physically, make up for what nature has not given him.

There is a regularity: the more developed a person is spiritually and mentally, the more closely he treats his physical perfection, the better he understands that health is wealth that must be protected. At the same time, health and an excellent physical form are one of the main conditions for productive creative activity and its duration. There are plenty of examples. The great ancient Greek mathematician and inventor Archimedes invented flammable mirrors at the age of 75. Ancient Greek philosopher Theophrastus was noted for his liveliness of mind, having for 100 years. The playwright Sophocles lived 90 years. The play “Oedipus in the Colon” he wrote at the age of 89.

Probably, the opportunity to live up to 100 years is not very worried about in childhood and adolescence. But one thing is clear to people of any age: we live in an age when health care has become a property of a cultural person.

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How are health and the environment connected?