The Painting by Reshetnikov “Again the deuce”

The Painting by Reshetnikov “Again the deuce”

One of the most famous paintings of Fyodor Pavlovich Reshetnikov is “Again the Deuce.” And this is not accidental, because until now what is painted there is quite relevant, even though this picture was written more than 50 years ago.

In this picture I see a little boy who came home. He pulled off his hat, went into the room, but did not hurry to approach my mother, my elder sister and my brother. His whole appearance says that he just got a deuce in school and now he is incredibly ashamed of his family and does not want to say anything and talk about what happened.

But his family understood everything and without words. The older sister looks at the boy with reproach. She is standing near the table with the textbook and is going to do the lessons. She never got

a deuce, and in her diary she probably has one of five, which pleases her and her mother. It seems to me that now the boy is jealous of his sister and thinks that it would be better for him to spend more time on textbooks than she did when riding on his portfolio from a snow slide.

Mom is very upset that her boy got a deuce and, for sure, she is not the first and not the last. She wearily sits at the table and she does not even have enough strength to scold her son again. The younger brother of the boy looks at everything happening with interest, expecting what will happen next, because he has not yet realized the gravity of the situation.

And only the faithful dog of the boy is really happy about his arrival. He reaches for him and stands on his hind legs, demanding that the boy scratch his ear. Pesica does not care what kind of evaluation the boy, the main thing is that he sincerely loves and cares about his four-footed friend.

It seems to me very useful sometimes to look at such pictures as “Again the deuce,” because they stimulate us to study hard and much, so as not to disappoint our family, and bring only good news about the honored five to my mother and father and grandfather with my grandmother!

The Painting by Reshetnikov “Again the deuce”