The Painting by Roerich “The Last Angel”

The Painting by Roerich “The Last Angel”

“November 1919. The Red Messenger is on the pillars of light, I stand on the balcony of the London house that we occupy, from where we can see the square and the side streets, the leaden, gloomy sky in the whole atmosphere is something extraordinarily heavy, ominous: people dark and gray scurry along the streets and rush to hide from the approaching thunderstorm, the sky quickly darkens, and in the west it became blacker than black. On the background of this eerie darkness suddenly emerged, occupying a half-sky, a giant, pink and glistening fiery-red figure of the Archangel on the pillars of Light, with a folded scroll in py e and a big golden key from his belt. stood consciousness commits retaliation.

Turning her head to the East, she saw in the twilight, close to the ground,

the crescent moon of New Moon and the resting beautiful Baby on it, and one leg was lowered. I understood this phenomenon as the eastern symbol of the birth of the New Age and the New Race. “(EI Roerich, at the threshold of the New World, p.45)

N. Roerich has several paintings “The Last Angel”. They are written either during or before the terrible events that are hanging over the homeland, therefore in their design they are often prophetic. The last unshakable angel stands among the swirling fiery clouds, above the Earth, blazing with the last flame. The picture shows retribution for the destruction of cities, the destruction of cultural monuments, poisoning the planet. In the hands of the fiery Angel, a scroll that protects and protects the true Culture, there is a list of persons who have gone through spiritual perfection who will be saved and will move to the New Bright Age. The Angel has a sweeping sword and the key to the New World of Beauty and Knowledge. According to the Bible, 7 Angels came to Earth, and the latter descends in the form of a bowl. It is as if in the fiery hands of the hands of the Most High. Wings of fire, golden, face east, Russian clothes.

“There was a vision in silence, objects were lighted, and the face of the Great Guest shone, and He closed His mouth, and crossed his

hands, and His every hair streamed with light, and His eyes glowed irresistibly, and brought forth the fiery message of a renewed, blessed world. He gave a sign for good: in daring He reminded us of the Unutterable: He tirelessly wakes up the human heart in the hours of day and night He says the order for the victory of the spirit and everyone will understand and accept it in the language of his heart. “

“When mankind lost all sensitive threads of perception, it was necessary to use the influence of fire: the fiery sword of purification, the fiery sword of creation, the fiery sword of aspiration, the fiery sword of new energy.” All fiery tensions will give mankind creativity, fiery saturated. “Thus the fiery sword brings humanity, , the given cosmic possibilities, and when the cosmic creativity is confirmed fiery, all energies will approach. The moment is decisive and elevating the human consciousness. wickedness. “

The Painting by Roerich “The Last Angel”