Writing lessons of kindness

In our world there are few merciful, not indifferent people. And it’s good when you are surrounded by faithful friends, good teachers, when everyone understands you and is ready to help you at a difficult moment.

“Lessons of kindness” we learn from childhood, when we see living examples before our eyes. Someone helped the old woman to cross the road, someone pitied and fed homeless animals, someone helped the needy physically or financially. We see on television how humanitarian aid is sent to the Donbass, how they collect money for sick children – these are lessons of kindness.

So in Rasputin’s story “Lessons of the French” the theme of good is clearly shown. A teacher of French Lydia Mikhailovna was very sorry for a capable boy from a poor family. Inviting him to his extra lessons, she hoped to feed him. Lydia Mikhailovna wanted at least some way to help her student. Of course, she did not know that there was no macaroni and hematogen in his village, and that her attempt would fail. And then, not to hurt the prince’s pride, not to offend his pride, Lydia Mikhailovna decided to play with him for money, doing everything in order that he could win and could buy himself milk. Unfortunately, these “lessons of kindness” ended badly for the teacher, she had to quit to avoid shame. It turns out good did not appreciate people and in that difficult time.

And I want to say to all the people of the planet: “Let’s learn good, let’s be generous with warmth, caring!” Do good, and it will come back to you. Our souls will become purer and brighter. Be kind, and our world will be better.

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Writing lessons of kindness