Geographical position of South America

1. Which of these continents should be more diverse? Why?

One of the main factors determining the diversity of nature is the size of the continent. It can be assumed that the larger the territory, the more diverse it is. In addition to size, the diversity of nature is affected by the shape of the continent, its extent, especially the meridional. All these factors are those or other features of the geographical situation. The geographic location of the continent affects the diversity of the climate, and the diversity of climate – on the diversity of natural areas, and hence, the natural diversity in general. You only need to take a map of natural areas and calculate their number on each continent, without taking into account their possible repeatability. After that, you yourself can tell on which of the three continents nature is more diverse.

2. Contemporaries A. Humboldt called his expedition to the mainland “the second discovery of America.” Why do you


Alexander Humboldt, his trip to South America really, as it were, opened it a second time for Europeans. In fact, the word “discovery” needs to be understood in a broader sense. Opening is not just landing on the coast and putting this coast on a geographical map. The discovery of America by A. Humboldt lies in the deep study of the geology and climate of the continent, the study of the alternation of natural zones in the mountains and the explanation of the reasons for the regularity of the location of natural zones.

3. What researches in South America were conducted by Russian travelers and scientists?

His contribution to the study of South America was made by Russian travelers and researchers. Very important for the development of agriculture were the results of NI Vavilov’s study of the centers of origin of various cultivated plants. To learn more about famous travelers, it is recommended to use additional literature that will significantly expand your knowledge and horizons.

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Geographical position of South America