The most amazing adventures of Odysseus

Homer’s poem “Odyssey” is an exciting legend about the amazing adventures of the king of Ithaca. Reading it, we find ourselves in the magical world of giants and monsters, where Odysseus wandered.

It was a difficult journey to the homeland of the hero, whom the sea had been born for ten years. Once he approached an unknown island. Cyclops lived there – monstrous one-eyed giants. Chief among them was Polyphemus. Odysseus and his comrades wandered into his empty cave. In the evening, her terrible owner appeared in the cave. Odysseus politely asked him for a night’s lodging, but the Cyclops, seizing two companions of Odysseus, instantly killed them and ate them. And the exit from the cave Polyphemus filled up a huge stone. In the morning before the pasture of his herd in the pasture the giant ate two more soldiers. Realizing the mortal danger, not being able to escape, Odysseus went to the trick. He managed to blind the giant cannibal and save himself

along with his remaining companions.

When in the morning the blinded Polyphem began to let out his herd from the cave, he felt every animal. But Odysseus and his companions tied themselves from below to the sheep and so they got free. Odysseus prudently concealed from the Cyclops that they had a ship, saying that their ship had crashed against the rocks. He did not name a cunning and clever hero and his real name. To the giant’s question he answered that his name was “Nobody”. Therefore, when other cyclops fled to the roar of Polyphemus, they did not understand what had happened. After all, the cannibal answered all their questions, that nobody offended him.

And Odysseus and his comrades, having taken all the flock of Polyphemus, safely returned to the ship and sailed away from this inhospitable island.

I think that Odysseus managed to escape thanks to his intelligence, ingenuity, energy and fearlessness.

I really liked the poem of Homer. Reading the “Odyssey”, completely plunged into the life of the characters, you live it. This is a fairy tale in which not only good wins evil. She takes us to Ancient Greece, showing her life and the culture unknown to us.

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The most amazing adventures of Odysseus