Path to freedom

Path to freedom

Among the many diverse legends we learn from the poem of the ancient Roman poet Ovid “Metamorphosis” and a beautiful but tragic myth about the greatest Athenian artist, sculptor and architect Daedalus. The fate of this man was not easy. Despite his talents, his compatriots sentenced him to death for having committed a murder. The rich and powerful king Minos, the father of the Minotaur, gave Daedalus refuge on his island of Crete. The delighted sculptor built the famous Maze Palace on the island with such intricate passages that it was almost impossible to find a way out of it. It was in this Labyrinth that the horrible Minotaur lived for many years.

The king, who gave Daedalus a shelter, judged the merits of the artist’s merits and did not want to let him go. So

Daedalus became a prisoner on the island. He could not even build a boat to sail by the sea, because the seas were in the power of the king. And Daedalus came up with an ingenious and non-standard way out: he would escape from Minos through the air!

Daedalus worked long and patiently, collecting bird feathers, fastening them with a soft wax, tying them with linen threads. His small son Icarus carelessly played around, occasionally helping in the work. And here are the wonderful white wings ready! The big ones are for Daedalus, the small ones for Icarus. Daedalus’ dream of freedom was realized: he left the island!

Before the flight, the father was strictly punished by the father to fly exactly as follows: “Below you will take – from feathers of the sea the feathers become heavy, you will take higher – the wax will soften from the heat of the sun.” Ikar at first honestly obeyed the orders of his father, but in fact a free flight is so tempting! And now, forgetting everything in the world, he joyfully soars up… The wax melted, feathers crumbled. A man can not fly without wings, and Icarus falls right into the sea. Great was the grief of his father, freed from captivity, but lost his son.

Having hated the day when he made the discovery, Daedalus never tried to rise on the wings to the


This myth is tragic and interesting, it can teach a lot. The symbolic meaning of this story is ambiguous.

Moving on the way to the realization of a dream, a person flies on wings. In his inspiration, he is likened to the gods, and much he gets on the shoulder, which is beyond the strength of an ordinary person. Often such a dreamer soars so high that people, looking at him from below, cease to understand him. And here, freed from the earthly measures, it is extremely important not to forget about the goal of the path, not to scatter, “to hold on to the middle”, otherwise the wings bearing it can crumble. But it is known: the higher we take off, the more painful it is to fall.

But that is not all. The myth warns us about the danger that any discovery brings. Finding the course in the secret of nature, touching spheres that are beyond the human mind, you must be extremely careful and cautious, because negligence and levity can bring many sorrow not only to the person himself, but also to his surroundings, nature, the whole world. We very often can not assess the consequences of our actions and, once on the occasion of carelessness, we reap the bitter fruits. After all, a man is like a god, but he is a man.

Path to freedom