Questions and answers to the novel by D. Aldridge “The Last inch”

How did it happen that Ben – an experienced pilot, had to deal with “non-flying business”?

The oil company in which Ben served, abandoned expensive oil developments on the shores of the Indian Ocean, and a large group of pilots was forced to resign. To earn money, Ben rented an airplane, cinematographic equipment, a diver’s equipment and went to Shark Bay to the Red Sea. Here he was going to take pictures of sharks, getting close to them as close as possible.

In what does Ben see the meaning of paternity? Why does not he know his son?

Going to filming sharks, Ben hoped to get a lot of money, as the film company paid a lot for such risky shooting. Money was needed to a family with whom he had not lived for a long time. His son grew up, he had to pay for his studies, the services of the governess, and for everything the child needed. Providing his son financially, Ben believed that he fulfilled his father’s duty. Rare, short meetings

with the boy did not contribute to their friendship and mutual understanding. Father did not know his son: his habits, interests, character…

Why did Ben decide to take his son to Akulu? Why was it difficult for father and son to communicate? They had nothing to say to each other? They did not understand each other?

The boy needed love, affection, understanding, and he did not receive them from his mother or father. Therefore, in the airplane and on the shore of the bay, they were only thrown in separate words, and even Ben gave directions on how to arrange a place where to spend several hours, how to behave to a son during the absence of his father.

What was David concerned about? What helped the father and son understand each other?

Just before he left the water, Ben attacked the shark and wounded it. Forces left him, he sometimes fainted. In moments of enlightenment, my father hurried to tell my son all the most necessary things: how and what to do to get him to the plane, to dip into the cabin, pick up the plane, get the right altitude and land the plane. And the son, in turn, tried

to fulfill all that his father said more precisely. It was a time when they understood each other. The trouble and the desire to survive helped David, a ten-year-old child, through inhuman efforts to save his father and himself.

What could help the losing father David? What is the meaning of the victory of the father and son?

David conquered fear in himself, matured. The son found his father, opened it for himself and saved his life. Ben during this time learned a lot about his boy, who “could do everything” and even more. The father and son became relatives actually. They were united by the desire for life, the will to win, the common victory, courage and loyalty to duty… and the “last inch” …

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Questions and answers to the novel by D. Aldridge “The Last inch”