The composition of birds

An instructive work on birds reveals to us the unpretentious secrets of diligence and the survival of these feathered creatures. Thanks to the tireless care of the birds, the baker will gather a rich crop of grain, the gardener will supply us with useful vitamins, which are full of vegetables and fruits, and the baby, bored in the warm sun, will be pleased with the ringing of the bird’s trill that marks the arrival of spring.

There are many species of birds on the planet Earth. Of course, we, especially the townspeople, can not observe them in everyday life.

Birds are flying creatures, so they are cleverly hiding from human eyes in the crowns of trees, under the roofs of houses and in all sorts of secret places. Our attention to birds is not always harmless. How many times have you seen how naughty boys shoot at birds from a slingshot or throw stones. A wounded bird can not Survive in the world around. On the ground, countless enemies and dangers lie in wait for her.

Even the domestic cats hunt for a bird walking around the lawn. And be sure to catch if she is injured or sick.

Sometimes it seems to us that it is quite possible to do without birds. However, as soon as we begin to teach nature and zoology, we are surprised to understand the importance of birds in nature.

The most important quality of birds is to destroy harmful insects. Field crops and crop yields are directly dependent on birds living in the area. Therefore, when we crunch a juicy apple or crust of a fresh bun, we must remember with gratitude the tireless orderlies of nature.

Fly away to warm lands, birds always return to their native places. On their wings they bring people warmth of spring and the birth of a new life. All the hot summer and dank autumn the birds are hostile In their native expanses. so, leaving for the winter, leave us with a rich harvest.

There are patriotic birds who never leave their Native land. They persistently survive the winter cold, hiding in old hollows or nests. We must help such birds survive. Good support will be troughs, hanging on tree trunks in urban courtyards and parks. Any passer-by can replenish a bird’s table with a handful of cereal or sunflower seeds.

And do not forget, my friends, that without singing birds our life would become much sadder and more ordinary. Nothing so pleases a person’s hearing, like the gurgling trill of a ringing bird.

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The composition of birds