“The impact of money on a person”

According to the publicist, money determines the value of a person, his importance in society. He cites the words of Alexander Herzen that “now without money, not only for respect, but for self-respect can not be counted.” Following the writer, the author claims that only material wealth makes a person a person in the eyes of others. And how emotionally he talks about money, considering them music, poetry of the present…

The position of the publicist is not difficult to understand: in our time, money is being decided “by all social and personal problems, around them the whole life is built.”

It is difficult not to agree with the opinion of the author. Indeed, why not support his point of view, if both radio and television extol the wealth and wealth, and the person of the person does not interest anyone at all. I believe that this is the negative impact of money. This was repeatedly warned by writers and publicists.
Let us recall what

was said about the power of gold in the work of A. Pushkin “Miserly Knight”: distraught with wealth, the Baron lost his human face, imagining himself “all-powerful.” Money created in him greed, self-love and evil. Here it is, the impact of money on a person!

The famous psychologist Dale Carnegie in his book “How to stop worrying and start living” tells the story of a man who once lost all his savings, got into debt for many years. He had neither strength nor faith, because of lack of money this person felt deeply unhappy.

Thus, I can conclude that money, becoming the only value in society, can have a negative impact on a person’s life.

Money today has become the epicenter of public interest, the main topic of discussions, sounding in offices, on the street, in the family, in all human connections, in all works of art. Money solves all social and personal problems, around them the whole life is built. Money is music, modern poetry.

Money is a symbol of social justice, since they, rather than a position or public status, determine the value of a person.

Money – an indicator of the coefficient of efficiency and significance of the individual. Money is not just a symbol of wealth, it is a symbol of freedom, their number determines the degree of independence from other people, they make a person master of their own destiny.

Money is a true institution of democracy, equality democracy, they reject all differences between people, reject the evaluation of a person through his individual, personal qualities. Aristocratic societies were built on a hierarchical principle – upper classes, lower classes, on top of heroes, personalities, vivid individualities, beneath faceless crowd, mass. In “the rightly constructed society,” Bazarov said in Fathers and Children, “it will be absolutely equal whether the person is stupid or clever, evil or kind.”

In the “right”, that is, a democratic society built on the economy, it is not the person, not the individuality that becomes the determining criterion of the person’s value, but the money. Only they give public respect, status. Only they make a person a person in the eyes of others.

Money, at all times, played a huge role in the life of any society, but, the extent of the value of money, in different cultures and at different times, was different. By the first third of the 19th century, during the period of intensive development of capitalism, the growth of the importance of the economy in the life of society, money began to determine the value of man.

In Russia, capitalist, monetary, impersonal relations began to supplant traditional relations, in which everything was built on specific personal contacts, and entered public life later than in Europe. And the first to see this trend, coming from the West, was felt by Pushkin. In the “Queen of Spades” brilliant Guards officer, aristocrat, kills an old woman for money, threatening her with a pistol. Not origin, nobility, aristocratism or personal qualities, only money brings the respect of society. The very name of the hero, German (German), a German, quite unequivocally speaks about where this trend came from.

As Alexander Herzen wrote, “Before anything was admitted except money, so that a person without money, but with other qualities, could count at least some respect.” Now, without money, not only for respect but for self-respect can not be calculated otherwise. “

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“The impact of money on a person”