Biography of Nancy Lopez

Nancy Lopez is a golfer, born January 6, 1957 in Torrance, California. Most known as a great golfer.

Nancy Lopez was the most famous among the other athletes involved in golf for ten years after her debut in 1978. Starting to play golf as a little girl, Nancy achieved perfection in amateur golf, then engaged in a professional.

The professional career of the sportswoman began during her studies at Tulsa University in Oklahoma. Several times Nancy was named the player of the year of the Women’s Association of Professional Golf. When Lopez was 30 years old, she was elected to the National Hall of Fame in 1987. The best golfer of her generation, Nancy was also famous for her cheerful nature. She left the Golf Association in 2002. However, the athlete continues to participate in competitions for the sake of entertainment.

Additional data: According to the Women’s Association of Professional Golf, Lopez’s height is 165 cm. In 1982, Nancy married professional baseball player Ray Knight. They have three daughters: Ashley, Erin, Torrey. At the annual US baseball championship, Ray Knight was awarded the title of the most valuable player. Before Ray for several years in the biography of Nancy Lopez was married to Tim Melton. The athlete at that time played golf under the name of Nancy Lopez-Melton.

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Biography of Nancy Lopez