A composition based on Vasnetsov’s painting “Gamayun, a Bird Wishing”

Victor Vasnetsov throughout his life was interested and studied the mythology and folklore of Ancient Rus. All his works are imbued with the spirit of antiquity. At a glance at any of his paintings with a mythological or fairy story, there is no doubt that this was exactly what the heroes of antiquity looked like.

The same can be said about the picture “Gamayun, the bird prophesying”, written in 1897. Gamayun in Slavic mythology is a bird with a female face and chest, a messenger of storms, hurricanes. She had a beautiful voice and could predict the future only to special people who hear and understand her even among the sounds of nature: in the shower of rain, in the noise of grass, in a gust of wind. People believed that Gamayun is a messenger of God, connecting the two worlds, predicting events.

The canvas depicts a bird with a troubled face of a woman, she sits on a graceful tree and looks away into the distance. Strongly contrasted black wings on a bright, radiant background – strong, plastic, ready to fly. Just about will wave the wing and take off. Very captivating in this picture is a contradictory mood: at the same time calm, but at the same time riotous colors, peaceful nature and dissonant Gamayun.

Some art critics believe that wings are a symbol of rebirth. In the future, Vasnetsov’s creativity contributes to the development of such styles as symbolism and modernism. In particular, thanks to Victor Vasnetsov, the unique creativity and mythology of the Slavic peoples was revived and passed on to subsequent generations.

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A composition based on Vasnetsov’s painting “Gamayun, a Bird Wishing”