What is the power of music composition

Who among us does not like music? Who among us could not sing a melody? And who among you thought that music has any power? Why does she make you cry, rush to a tank with a grenade or cheers up? What is its power? How does it affect us?

Music gives pleasure. In this case, the rhythms work, using certain strings of our body. The scientists found out that the brain very well perceives sounds, and, depending on the music, we get pleasure, become aggressive, excited or pacified. In any case, peace or adrenaline rush is bestowed “kicks” – experts say that the pleasure of music is akin to the pleasure of eating and having sex.

Music drives sadness. Surely everyone in moments of sadness and despair included a favorite or a mood suitable for the mood – and it became easier on the soul. The most interesting is that, being sad, a person does not put incendiary rhythms – we secretly run “tragic” music. Scientists believe that this way we transfer

our troubles, thoughts, etc. to music that sounds in unison with our mood. Listening to sad songs, we often do not regret ourselves, do not think about our problems, but condole with a fictional hero, inspired by the melody, or the person in charge of the song. Describe the power of music in this case, you can only feel it: drowning in your sadness, we become as if stony, frozen, and sad notes of songs drown ice in the heart. And it becomes, if not very well, at least easier.

Music inspires feats. Agree, when the melody that matches the mood and situation plays, the matter is argued: cleaning the house or office is quicker, the bosses’ tasks do not seem stupid and are performed in one breath, the articles are written, the study is given more easily, etc. The better the melody sounds, the better it is affects us, our subconscious. Remember: you want to make the work faster and with the desire – include interesting for you invigorating music!

Music protects the psyche. Pay attention: when a person is on the platoon, when he is sick and ready to smash the house or his workplace, “tear

off” his family, friends or colleagues, he at the first opportunity includes “fighting”, clockwork music such as “Rammstein” or Wagner. It happens subconsciously, but scientists have found out: thus our body protects the psyche from a nervous breakdown. It takes a little time and anger recedes, a person thanks to loud music comes back from the border state, and already looks at the problem with different eyes.

Music returns to the past. Each of us has songs that, willy-nilly, mentally return us to some event from a past life – bad or good. Many, trying to cheer themselves up, include such a song, so at the end of the article advice: create a selection of songs and include them at the right time, because the music has power!

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What is the power of music composition