Biography of Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc – the French national heroine, one of the commanders-in-chief of the troops during the Hundred Years War, is burned at the stake.

Since 13 years in her biography Jeanne d’Arc has seen and heard the saints. Thanks to persistence, as well as the correct prediction of the outcome of one of the battles near Orleans, Jeanne was able to meet with the King of France. She tried to get troops to withdraw the English siege of Orleans.

After some interrogations and inspections, Jeanne Dark’s biography received the post of commander-in-chief. The story of Jeanne Dark is unusual. The messenger of God led the troops, encouraged them to win. After winning several battles, in the end, on May 8, the British removed the siege from Orleans, and Jeanne herself was nicknamed the “Orleans Virgin”.

Continuing to wage war, Jeanne was captured by the Burgundians, who sold it to the British. In February 1431, a lawsuit was launched, Jeanne was accused of heresy. Despite the fact that she withstood all the tortures and did not admit guilt, baseness was able to confirm her guilt before the church. May 30, 1431 biography Jeanne Dark broke off, it was burned at the stake in Rouen, and the ashes scattered over the Seine.

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Biography of Joan of Arc