Why a colon is needed

The colon is a very interesting punctuation mark. We quite often can meet him in texts of various styles and subjects. All of us are educated people, therefore, we need to know how to put punctuation marks correctly, including a colon.

We often write each other messages, letters, and so ugly happens when our written message comes with mistakes. Your opponent by correspondence can consider you an absolutely illiterate person. Therefore, remember.

In some sentences a colon appears when it is necessary to answer a certain question. Here, for example: In the street it’s very hot (and that): now we will not go for a walk.

In another case, the colon is used in a sentence that lists something. For example: There were many toys on the floor (what?): Cars, cubes, a pyramid and an airplane.

Colon is an obligatory element of registration of direct speech on behalf of the author. Here is an example: Lisa said (what?): “Get in the car!”. You noticed that the colon is always where there is a question. The first part of the sentence requires an answer, which is hidden in the second part.

In addition to such a role, the colon introduces into sentences an emotional shade. It makes the text more logical and orderly. The colon makes the phrases quieter.

On the letter, the colon is always a single character. It can not be combined with other signs, like, for example, a comma and a dash. But, this does not make it less popular. All punctuation marks, including the colon, play their own, important and irreplaceable role.

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Why a colon is needed