Composition is my native land Russia

I was born in the most wonderful country in Russia. I’m a patriot, that’s why I love my country. For me, this is the best country, because it is in it that my parents live that gave me life, and in it I grew up. Russia is a big country with unlimited possibilities. I do not understand those who want to leave this place, as if in other countries life is much better.

We have the most beautiful nature, with endless fields, fragrant herbs and fragrant flowers. In the forests grow great and mighty trees, which in the winter look just magical. In general, winter forest can be admired and admired endlessly. Even visiting tourists appreciate the beauty of Russian nature. We must cherish it and appreciate what we have. There are also many animals in our forests, only our people treat nature as something due and absolutely do not protect it.

The land in Russia is full of various minerals, so we provide many resources ourselves. And our resources are being supplied to other countries. People are famous for their hospitality and are ready to help others. Our country is the most multinational and now all nations live in peace and friendship. Only we can boast of a variety of traditions and holidays. Our national cuisine is incomparable with any other cuisine in the world.

I’m really proud of my country. Our people can not win, because we are strong in spirit and never give up a comrade in trouble. Of course, in Russia, as in other countries, there are problems, but they are in all countries. Therefore, do not look for a better life abroad, because it’s not for nothing that they say that it’s good everywhere where we are not. There are foreigners who want to live in our country, so we should appreciate what we have. Such a beautiful and vast homeland there is no one, only the inhabitants of our country. We must cherish Russia and be proud that we were born here.

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Composition is my native land Russia