Composition on the picture Miroshnika “Kameshek”

Young talented artists Konstantin Miroshnik and Natalia Kurguzova-Miroshnik make up a couple and a creative union, they wrote all their pictures together. Both graduated from the Academy of Arts Ilya Glazunov, where they met. By their own admission, every picture is written as the best. One of the works is in the Kremlin, she was bought as a gift to the President of Russia V. Putin.

Among their works are paintings on historical themes, landscapes, portraits, Natalia’s still-lifes. Together, the spouses choose the themes of the pictures, work together, complementing each other. There is in their luggage the Crimean cycle of paintings with seascapes. One of them – “Kameshek”, created in 2004. The painting combines two genres: portrait and landscape. The painting depicts the daughter of artists Pauline, playing with pebbles on the seashore. It happens on a warm summer day. The bright sun shines, painting the landscape in rich colors. The whole palette of colors

is represented on the canvas.

In the background of the picture is a blue cloudless sky in a sunny haze. A light shroud spreading along the water hides the distant shore of the bay. Only the outlines of the mountains are visible. Small water-drifters, driven by a traveling wave, are painted in several shades of blue. There are blue, violet, dark blue, azure tones. Closer to the shore appear greenish and yellow-brown paints. This in the shallows shines the bottom. On a stone sticking out of the water near the shore, we can say that there is not deep. Stone in shape resembles the protruding muzzle of some creature. In the foreground of the picture, one can see that on a stony shore a small gully formed, during the tide the water found a way between large boulders. It turned out to be a shallow bay.

Stone boulders, like gatekeepers, guard the entrance. The water in the bay is very small, and it is so transparent that every pebble is visible on the bottom. Pebbles lining the bottom, painting it in blue, green, yellow, gray colors, makes it look like a mosaic canvas. Probably, the water came here a long time,

the stones managed to build algae. There is a feeling that the place is “wild”, there are no beaches and human habitation nearby, and there is no garbage in the water, except for a few sticks or twigs. The girl was not afraid to step into the water, because, she barely covers the baby’s feet.

Vodichka warm, the baby was allowed to take off her shoes and wet her feet. Blue shoes are on the beach. The girl is small, with plump cheeks, handles with touching dimples, she is not more than two years old. You can see charming dimples on the elbows of touching bent hands. She is wearing a blue dress with a pink collar and a beautiful panama with curved fields and a flower in front. To the panamku not blown away by the wind, it was fixed with an elastic band. The girl is carried away by throwing stones into the water and watching them drown and form circles on the water. She likes this occupation, she also likes that she was allowed to go into the water herself.

The child is fascinated by looking at how even circles start to disperse from the fall of pebbles on smooth and even water. Gradually the surface calms down and again becomes smooth. Although the girl in the picture is depicted alone, her loneliness is not felt at all. It is clear that there are adults standing next to them and watching her, ready at any time to come to the rescue. Imprinted on the canvas at first sight seems to be a photographic photograph, so clearly the masters managed to portray the conceived, to show the play of light and shadows.

The picture creates a good positive mood. When you look at the picture, you feel the warmth of a summer day, you hear the sound of the sea, the cries of seagulls, you want to inhale the smell of the sea and the heated stones. A sweet girl and the sea, a small helpless creature and a huge sea element. The authors, while contrasting them, at the same time unite man and nature, showing the child and the sea together. A sunny bright day saturates the plot with a major melody, creating a sense of harmony.

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Composition on the picture Miroshnika “Kameshek”