An essay on the benefits of reading

Now reading is the most used way of communicating information, and the book is its carrier. However, it was always, at all times. Therefore, reading is important and even necessary to get involved, because it’s not without reason that they say: “You have information – you have a situation.” But what is the use of reading, and is there anyway?

First, constant reading is trained by the brain. When you read, the way of perception of the world changes: you begin to fantasize, create certain “book” images (places, people, events). In addition, books improve memory, expand horizons, change spelling. Yes, yes, it’s true: when you read, visual memory works, which will not allow making mistakes in the texts in the future. And yet, frequent reading teaches you to concentrate on the book, and anything at all, raises perseverance, mood.

Secondly, with the reading of books your vocabulary increases, a special way of thinking appears, due to

what thoughts are clearly expressed and easily formulated. In this you can see for yourself: it’s enough just to read some classical work. After that, anyone (even one who previously could not “connect two words”) will notice how much easier it was to express your own thoughts with words. It will notice how it became easier to express oneself, to choose words. He will notice that different words-parasites leave his vocabulary.

Thirdly, reading is just an interesting lesson. It is thanks to him that you can find new interlocutors, friends, like-minded people or topics for conversation with them. And the book lovers are very friendly, they are always easy to communicate with. It is possible to spend your free time pleasantly, while improving your mood and being inspired. In extreme cases – just enjoy the conversation with the author or his story, story. Reading does not bother, it does not become insipid: there are a lot of books, and each of them is unique in its own way.

And, finally, the fourth: every process of reading, in fact – a small journey, in time or distance. The book

simply breaks the various time frames, restrictions. Only with its help can you feel, understand the thoughts of thousands of writers from different eras and times. Is not it amazing? Just reading will make it clear how Defoe thought, what kind of outlook Wells had, and what puzzled Jansson. Just reading will allow us to feel, understand, feel the writer, even if he is already dead. It is for this reason that any, not even quite an old book is a real “time machine”, the use of which can change all life.

In general, reading is an integral process at the stages of the formation of an adult personality. The process begins with infancy, when the child is read aloud by his parents, relatives. And ending in a mature age, during the experience of personal problems and spiritual growth, when literature saves from depressions, sets morals and ideals. Books and reading have a huge influence on all of us, they shape us. They make us human. In this – all their benefits!

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An essay on the benefits of reading