Composition on the theme “My Dream”

Everyone has imagination. From an early age, the imagination begins to own our thoughts. It presents to us pictures of the future and the past, real and fantastic. Imagination is like a brush, thanks to which we can draw things and phenomena that have never been seen before.

And it is thanks to the imagination that a person dreams. At first, they are quite simple and easy to implement. Then a person begins to grow and learn the world, set priorities and preferences. And with the man grow and his dreams. They become wider and more specific. Their number is constantly growing. Some of these dreams become goals that a person seeks to achieve in his life, while others remain dreams, because of their unattainability.

Dreams are like tickets to a future life, and each of us seeks to take advantage of these tickets. There are many dreams in the world, much more than people themselves. Someone dreams of being strong and brave, someone craves fame and beauty, and for someone the most important is wealth. We represent future love, family happiness or a profession that we strive to master.

It is difficult to single out any one dream, which I would consider (a) the most important. For me, as for all others, my future is important. And, of course, I want to have a good profession and prosperity, a loving family and loyal friends. I would like to live in prosperity and never lose heart, travel and see the world. It is difficult to single out one, the most cherished desire. However, perhaps, for me it is – to choose their own way, to find their own way of life. Because, in my opinion, the most important thing is not to live your life for nothing and thoughtlessly.

Dreams fill my life with colors, they help us to know ourselves. You can never deprive yourself of dreams, because a person without them can not exist.

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Composition on the theme “My Dream”