My free time writing

I come from school, do homework, and then go to play with my friends in football or in the sports section – I’m seriously engaged in mountaineering and tennis. When I get home, I usually have free time. I help my mother to wash dishes or father – something to repair in the house (we go to the garage to fix something in the car). Then we play different games – checkers, chess, backgammon. In addition, I really like to read. I really like fantasy, especially Ray Bradbury and Oldie, as well as detectives, primarily Agatha Christie and Chase. I’m always interested in guessing the intricacies of the plot: who is the criminal, what are his motives? And that the intricate plot, it is more fascinating.

If I do not read, I watch TV. I really love old comedy films, they seem to me more humane and kind than modern ones: “Caucasian captive”, “Diamond hand”, “Operation Y”. ” But I like new tapes. For example, the film

“Admiral” with Konstantin Khabensky in the title role was very interesting. First, I was captured by the plot, and secondly, and most importantly, I wanted to learn more about the revolution of the early twentieth century, the civil war and the personality of Admiral Kolchak. I re-read an incredible amount of literature and learned a lot of new and interesting. For example, it turned out that Kolchak was not only a sailor and admiral, but also a scientist, a researcher of the polar lands.

Weekends I always spend actively: depending on the season I ride with friends on bicycles, rollerblades or skis or skates. And we went on a camping trip with a class last vacation! We walked almost the whole region on foot, visited the museums and sights of our small homeland, slept in tents, cooked porridge at the stake, sang songs to the guitar. That’s when it was fun and interesting!

When winter comes, I will go to the Carpathians to ski. I dream of descending from steep mountains, as athletes do. I’m sure that I will succeed! And I also dream to go to Paris to see the Louvre and the glorified works of art that are stored there. So where will you spend your free time!

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My free time writing