The essay on “The First Teacher”

If the first teacher makes an effort and can find an approach to the students, instill in them a love of learning, she will open their way to the future. And vice versa, if the first teacher is not lucky, then the desire to learn can disappear for a long time, if not forever.

My first teacher turned out to be a very good person. I think we were lucky with her. Raisa Ivanovna accepted us as her own children. She patiently explained the subjects to us, trying to convey the necessary knowledge to everyone. If someone did not succeed, she never put it on display, so as not to humiliate the student before the whole class. But she always took the time to help him figure it out.

To Raisa Ivanovna always it was possible to address for advice or simply to share the problem. She tried to listen and suggest a way out. I remember, I quarreled with my mother and I was very worried about this. The teacher noticed this and began to question. I had to share my experiences with her, but she reassured me, saying that my mother still loves me more than anyone else, and that I need to speak frankly with her.

For all the holidays, Raisa Ivanovna came up with something interesting for us. We put New Year’s performances, arranged contests and quizzes. On March 8 we had a contest on versification. The verse that I wrote for him, is still with me.

Of course, the teacher has always strictly followed the performance of tasks and discipline. But we were never afraid of her, but respected. Therefore, we had no problems with either one or the other. Raisa Ivanovna became our real mentor, leaving her was very sad. Later, we visited her many times just like that.

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The essay on “The First Teacher”