Silence is gold

Shsh. Shsh. Hush! About such things only between us. I to you, you to me, and have run up! God forbid! What do you. Life is one, and you must live it so that it does not hurt. And that’s all! All the talk, remarks only among their own – dad, mom, uncle, aunt. And that’s all! Also have run up. And you are on the whole street. What do you. Careful! Ten thousand people, and everyone listens. Do you know them? And who is around the corner. Well, you can not remain silent, you are bursting – take one or two, get home. Put a glass of cotton in the windows – and the whole truth in a whisper! There are many shortcomings, but one health. Disadvantages corrected.

And so we sit, we are silent. Have seen nothing, not heard. Deaf and dumb. We mooch. And that’s all! Who to the deaf will stick. What do you. Silence is gold. We read that six bricks were found in the Gostiny Dvor.

They rasporevonili – six bricks! Urrra! Six bricks! Diggers, uncultured

people! Well, immediately came and took away! What, they were given at least one brick. Absurd! They now go for a salary, elbows bite. Well, if they did not say. I understand, but I admit. Well found. Well, why scream? Silence is gold! Six bricks. Five buried, one for expenses. Sliced ​​off a piece – and in Sukhumi on the beach. Everyone has winter, and you are sunbathing. He put all his gold teeth into himself, his wife, mother-in-law, and children. The youngest one and a half year – he already in gold teeth. What, ugly? Handsomely! You can not smile – they will arrest! And there is nothing to smile at.

There’s no need to open your mouth! At home the radiators are gold – they are coated with clay on top. What, badly heat? Warm. It’s gold! A son can not enter the institute – a complete idiot. Dean polkirpicha – son of an academician, a golden head! The daughter is a cow, barely walks. Polkarchich in the teeth – prima ballerina in the Big! And as a result, all are arranged and three bricks for a rainy day. Only quietly! No meetings. No lunches, no holidays. The windows are shutters, they can not leave the house! Round-the-clock duty. Eat only at night under the blanket! This is life! And – ts-s! Silence is gold!

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Silence is gold