My child’s composition

The most valuable and precious thing in life is our children. What a happiness to be a mother!

I can not believe that for ten years now, I’m like my mother. My daughter was born. And when everyone was talking at that time, it’s good that my daughter, a helper, I did not understand this. But after years, the meaning of these words you understand. like no one else. And I can proudly say: “My daughter is the best in the world!”

After all, she sings well, dances, draws me perfectly. Always help with cleaning in the house: wiping dust, washes floors, utensils. He likes to play with his younger brother. My daughter is not cruel, always responds to trouble. Do not betray comrades. Shy, a big rarity in our time. She sweeps the best on the street. She, like no one else will support me in a difficult situation: cheerful, take away from gloomy thoughts. From her smile to the heart it becomes warmer. Violettechka – like the sun, which looked out from behind the clouds.

My daughter loves animals very much. Her dream is rabbits and hamsters. She has long asked to breed them. I promise you, daughter, they’ll be there by summer. Responsible to the lessons, always fulfills them. overcoming all difficulties. She has a lot of patience. As no one else sees lying, hypocritical people. I was very lucky with my daughter. I know, it will not change, it will not become bad, but it will be even better. Like any mother wants happiness for her children. so I want to wish my daughter that she stayed like that. continued to love her parents, grandfathers, grandmothers, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, friends and all people. Be more confident in all matters.

This is my daughter. I am proud of her! My child is the best.

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My child’s composition