My family

What is a heirloom? It is a thing sacredly preserved as a memory of the past. Such a relic became for our family an ordinary student’s album for drawing. Only in it, instead of drawings, were written memoirs of my father’s and mother’s parents – my grandfathers and grandmothers – about our grandfathers, great-grandfathers. The handwritten history of the family was obtained. It turned out that in our family there was a foreman business. He made carts – four-wheeled carts for the carriage of goods by horses, as well as phaetons – light carriages with convertible tops. It’s a craftsman on the line of mom.

But in the family of his father was a whole dynasty of craftsmen – people skilled in digging wells.

Distinguished our ancestors in the construction of windmills, weaving, gardening.

Along with the memories of these people there were records of the current members of the family. My dad, for example, is a civil engineer, my mother is a librarian. She offered to lead a family record. Records will be continued, because I have cousins. There will be pages dedicated to them, their relatives. Once upon a time, I will create my family. And already our descendants will continue our tradition.

It is clear that one album is indispensable here. Perhaps, by that time, this chronicle will not be hand-written, but stored in the computer’s electronic memory. In any case, our names and the names of our ancestors will not be forgotten by descendants.

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My family