The composition of the picture Trutovsky “Shevchenko with a kobza over the Dnieper”

The work of Konstantin Aleksandrovich Trutovsky was always connected with Ukraine. Most of his paintings are written on Ukrainian subjects: “Wedding ransom,” “Rendezvous,” “In a month’s night,” and others. This is not surprising considering that the childhood of the future artist was held in the Kharkiv region. He received his primary education in one of the private Kharkov boarding schools. Studying as an auditor at the Academy of Arts, the artist met D. Grigorievich, F. Dostoyevsky. An unforgettable impression was brought to him by the works of MV Gogol and TG Shevchenko. Maybe that’s why there are so many Gogol and Shevchenkovsky paintings in his paintings. In 1850, the artist went to Ukraine, and here he appears his most famous paintings “The Bandurist”, “At the Church,” “Lyrnik in the Peasant House.” So gradually the soul of Ukraine, its people is revealed. It is not surprising that after numerous

everyday plots from the life of the Ukrainian peasantry the artist comes to the opinion of portraying TG Shevchenko. After all, in the insult of a great poet, the incarnate soul of a long-suffering great people with an ancient history. This is how we perceive the picture “TG Shevchenko with a kobza over the Dnieper”, written in 1875.

In the foreground, T. Shevchenko. who sits on an old log, pensively bending his head at the kobza. What thoughts captivated him, can a new idea of ​​a poem or a light flying verse – a picture of his native nature – ripen? He sits on a high steeper, from which a wide panorama of the Dnieper with its gentle banks, fields and gardens of his native Ukraine is opened. Each blade of grass near the feet of a great poet speaks to the viewer with the familiar fragrance of his native land. Color gamma is sustained in calm tones of green, yellow, reddish colors. The artist portrayed T. Shevchenko in an ordinary peasant shirt and pants, on the head of the poet’s cap, which was worn by men in Ukraine for a long time. He is a simple man. He is one of those ordinary

people whom he knew and loved, for whom all his life worked and suffered. And yet it is a man of powerful intellect, which is an accessible understanding of life. All this is written on his face, not so much distressed as thoughtful. His figure strikes with naturalness, majestic calm and dignity.

But the second look at the picture gives a sense of the boundless space presented in the background. There is a church in the distance, and the village probably drowned in dense gardens, which cover most of the Dnieper shore with greenery. And there, as if in the misty haze of pastel tones, new unlimited further ones are hiding. The picture amazes with greatness and calmness. It prompts us to understand what wealth we got – our great land, this strange unlimited world and on it our Ukraine, its culture and history, personified by the great poet and thinker of our land – Taras Shevchenko.

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The composition of the picture Trutovsky “Shevchenko with a kobza over the Dnieper”