A composition based on Vasnetsov’s painting “Sirin and Alkonost.” A Song of Joy and Sorrow “

Vasnetsov Victor Mikhailovich often turned to ancient pagan histories, bylins and fairy tales. He was always interested in how they appeared, where, what served this. In his works he tried to show his vision of this or that story. Most of all I liked his painting “Sirin and Alkonost., Song of Joy and Sorrow.”

According to an ancient legend, it was believed that the Alkonost sings a joyful song about Paradise, while Sirin, on the contrary, yearns and asks to go back to heaven. They are depicted in the form of large birds, but with a human face. From himself, the author decided to make these women’s faces and decorate with jewels and crowns.

The author was shown light-colored with beautiful iridescent feathers. His wings go up. The face is joyful and it seems that his sonorous voice is heard. According to legend, his singing is able to comfort every suffering person. His brother, Sirin, has dark-dark feathers. The wings are lowered. The face is sad and inclined down. Everything speaks of his unhappy soul. And disheveled hair, and pale face, and bruises under the eyes. From him emanates sadness and sorrow.

Two birds of paradise are shown on one tree, but on both sides of the trunk. The background intensifies the feeling of anxiety and joy. There is nothing beyond Sirin, only the leaves of the tree, and beyond Alkonostom the sun’s rays are visible, and the leaves shimmer and bathe in them. The embodiment of an old legend on the canvas of the author was simply excellent.

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A composition based on Vasnetsov’s painting “Sirin and Alkonost.” A Song of Joy and Sorrow “