Painting “Winter Fun”

All children are looking forward to the first snow. He helps to have fun and interesting time. It is hard to imagine an academic year without winter fun. Someone likes to go down on the toboggan from the slides. Someone likes to arrange snowfights after school. And someone knows how and likes to skate on figure skates. I still can not skate, although sometimes I ski.

Many of my friends like to sit at home during the weekend, play computer games. I do not like to spend weekends at home and always go for a walk, even when it’s cool outside. The main thing is always to dress warmly, then winter fun will be remembered as an interesting and fun weekend.

Winter is a favorite season for many children. At this time of year we all ski our class. After school I like to play with my friends in snowballs. Also I often take ice-colds and call friends to ride from the hill. Usually they agree, and we all frolic on the fresh frosty air until the evening.

I like not only to play snowballs, but also to sculpt whole snowmen and snowmen. Usually we do it with friends. At us very quickly it turns out to roll some big clods of a snow and to make of them the snowman. Usually I run home for a carrot to make our snow fellow a nose.

I really like winter and different winter fun. And I’m never cold outside. The main thing is always to dress warmly and then winter fun will leave only pleasant memories in your soul.

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Painting “Winter Fun”