The Painting by Bryullov “Portrait of Krylov”

Title The composition of the picture by Bryullov Portrait of Krylov

Krylov, Ivan Andreevich (1768-1844) – the famous Russian fabulist. His father “did not study science”, served in the dragoon regiment, in 1772, distinguished himself in defending Yaitsk town from the Pugachevites, he was the chairman of the magistrate in Tver and died in 1778, leaving a widow with two young children. Ivan Krylov spent his childhood on the road with his family; he learned to read and write at home (his father was a great lover of reading, after him a whole chest of books passed to his son); French was engaged in a family of wealthy friends.

He wrote more than 200 fables, because of their common sense, universality, they are popular and timely in our day. Many of their conclusions and morals have become proverbs in Russia.
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The portrait of IA Krylov is attracted by the poetic nature of the image and the depth of the psychological characteristics. In it the best theme of Bryullov-portraitist is raised – the beauty of creative inspiration. Puffily, Krylov’s puffy face, with its gray hair and bobs hanging erratically on the forehead and whiskey, was transformed by the unfading light of human thought.

The writer’s costume is at home simple, clumsily poking on his heavy figure. Subtle and tactfully covers the artist on the side of the coat with the medal of the decoration on his neck and breast, as if avoiding the attributes of a high-profile portrait. The silver of the half-closed star gleams a little, the red ribbon of the Vladimir and Annensky crosses dulls, without disturbing the general impression of the intimacy of the image of the remarkable fabulist.

Prudently passed Bryullov wise view of Krylov, who was able to accurately launch sharply honed social arrows under the cover of an allegorical joke.
Bryullov did not finish his work.

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The Painting by Bryullov “Portrait of Krylov”