The composition “Good conquers evil”

Good and evil are two concepts that always go along at all times. No, they are not allies, there is an eternal struggle between them. Unfortunately, in our life, not everything is as simple as in fairy tales. Goodness does not always overcome dark forces.

Outside the window is the XXI century. High technologies are developing rapidly, which greatly facilitate human life. Around so much beauty, we should live and rejoice! But people are gripped by anger, hatred. In many parts of the world there are wars. And it is not clear why you hurt and make people like you cry.

Profit, wealth captured the human mind. For this, people are ready to offend, betray and even take life. Do not offend others, because even a slight insult can give rise to a great evil.

In literary works, when the author describes evil as a winner, it is not an appeal to do as a negative hero, it is a council to think about. For example, Goethe’s tragedy “Faust” shows the real fight.

The hero, selling his soul to the devil, understands that the consequences can be irreversible, but he takes this step, for the sake of satisfying his ambitions, for profit and debauchery. He deceives the one who was faithless to him and loved with all his heart. Are human actions worth his sacrifices.

Each reader should think about the fact that one can not achieve one’s goals by trampling the feelings and principles of others. The struggle of love and hatred, respect and dislike can manifest itself in family relationships. In my opinion, there is nothing more terrible when relatives and friends hurt each other. After all, the family is happiness, the warmth of loving hearts. And when these hearts become hard, this is a huge problem. From it you can not run away without a solution. In Gogol’s story “The Drowned Woman,” such a misfortune has just been described. In the events of the work, an evil spirit is mixed, and this may seem like a fairy tale. But the author manages to convey to the reader the idea that following his selfish desires, we can ruin the most native people. The father, who

did not believe his daughter, who the stepmother-witch slandered, expels her from home. His own blood, he pushes to suicide because of the fact,

Take a look back! Perhaps next to you is someone who needs a good word, a good deed. Start to change your perception of some things in life. It seems to me that the irritability and rudeness that I often see among people on the street, in transport, in shops, they are embittering. Do not go on about the instigator of a quarrel. Remember, the less negativity each of us splashes out, the more kinder the world.

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The composition “Good conquers evil”