Farce “New Patten” in a summary

Attorney Pierre Patlen, a rogue and swindler, all known for his dexterous and audacious antics, is again looking for another simpleton to profit from his account. In the market square, he sees a furrier and decides to cheat him in an old, tried-and-true way, as he once had a clothie. After learning the name of the merchant, the lawyer pretends to be a close friend of his late father and remembers that not the same furrier himself, or his own sister, was baptized by Patlen’s father. The simple-minded trader is sincerely happy at the unexpected meeting. Patlin is asking for furs to buy for his distant relative, a priest, but he has no money with him. Therefore, he suggests to go to the priest, with whom the furrier can conclude a bargain. The lawyer allegedly, in order to help the merchant, takes on a bale with furs.

Patlen comes to the priest, who sits in the confessional, and asks him to release his sins to his friend, who very much wants to confess. He explains to him that

he is rich, and is ready to donate a large sum to the church. Unfortunately, he is not completely healthy, often speaks and raves, but do not let this confuse the holy father. The priest, anticipating a generous reward, promises Patlen to listen to his suffering friend.

The lawyer informs the merchant that the transaction is concluded and the furrier has only to receive from the priest money: he must wait for his turn and go to the confessional, and Patlen, meanwhile, will order dinner at the nearest tavern to celebrate the meeting and the profitable sale of the entire batch of goods. When a credulous merchant comes into the confessional, Patlen takes the bale of furs and leaves, laughing at the stupidity of the alleged relative.

Finally, the furrier comes to the priest and demands money from him. He, remembering the warning of the lawyer, proceeds to confession, but the merchant does not think to repent of his sins and persistently asks the priest to pay the furs he bought with him. After a while, both the priest and the merchant understand that the crafty Patlin played a cruel joke with them. The furrier rushes to the tavern, but Patlena and the trace have caught a cold.

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Farce “New Patten” in a summary