Nature in human life

Nature teaches us to understand the beautiful. Love for one’s native country is impossible without love of her nature. KG Paustovsky Once I caught sight of NV Gogol’s lines: “The whole surface of the earth was represented by a green-gold ocean, according to which, to look at the whole

Nature in human life plays both material and spiritual significance. Material, as nature itself gives us food, shelter, clothing. And, it would seem, this idea is very simple, therefore, adhering to this view, a person should be grateful. look whole

Every summer I go on vacation to my grandfather and grandmother in Onguren. I admire the nature of this region. There is a high green grass, garlic and sorrel in the field, there is clean water in the river, a friendly Baikal… It’s so wonderful compared to what we have in Elantsy. Once. look whole

In the summer there are a lot of flowers on the flower beds of the park… In autumn the wild rose, hawthorn,

barberry, blossom of spruce, pine trees glow with ripe berries. Along the road there are poplars. Many houses are surrounded by high tuja, silvery firs and bushes. How you want this beauty. look whole

“The wind of my native Podillya cradled my cradle…” So, at the dawn of the last century, my famous fellow countryman Bogdan Lepkyy, inspired and poetically expressed his love for the “small fatherland”. Yes, the land of the golden Podillya gave birth to me. And Podillya is this. look whole

Our five-storey house is proud of its front gardens. In one – flowers and bushes, in the other – two girlfriends of cherries. Each year they seem to compete, which of them will give more fruit. And in our front garden reigns apricot. Nobody recalls old people. look whole

Nature… The great creation of God, the cradle of humanity, the embodiment of beauty and good. From the first steps of man on Earth, she fed her fruits, gave heat (firewood for fire) and meat of wild animals… So it was according to the biblical version (paradise – a luxurious garden). look whole

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Nature in human life