“The Boy and the Giant” Wilde in a brief summary

Every day children played in the beautiful garden of the Giant, but when he returned from the guests, where he stayed for 7 years, he kicked out of his possessions all the children, built a fence and hung the sign “No Trespassing.” Children did not find another place to play, sadly remembered the garden. Spring came, and only in the garden of the Giant winter raged because there were no children, and there were no birds to sing their songs. Even autumn went around the garden side.

One morning the Giant heard beautiful music singing a cannabis. Looking out the window, he saw that the children climbed through the hole in the dilapidated fence and sat on the branches of trees that immediately blossomed. Only in a corner where a small boy could not climb up was winter. I saw the Giant, the children ran away and winter came back to the garden. Only a small boy did not notice the terrible owner. The giant put the boy on a branch, and he hugged and kissed him.

The giant threw a fence into the splinters and gave the garden to the children, and even played with them. When the children came to say good night, the boy was not with them, and the Giant sad. The boy did not show up anymore, and the Giant became very homespun. One winter morning, the very old Giant saw that the tree in the corner of the garden was covered with beautiful white flowers, and under that tree there was that same boy, but his arms and legs were gaping. The giant in anger asked who did this, but the boy replied that “these are the wounds of Love” and said that the Giant opened his garden for the Giant.

When the children came to the garden, they saw a Giant lying under a tree, covered with white flowers.

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“The Boy and the Giant” Wilde in a brief summary