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Kindness is that quality that every person should know, they should be possessed by any inhabitant of our planet. A kind person is always ready to help all the needy and give the last piece of bread without asking anything in return. Kindness should be disinterested, if a person does good for the sake of getting something in return, then such a person can not be called truly kind. Kindness is something without which we can not exist and it is difficult to disagree with such an assertion.

People donate blood for the sake of helping others, do charity work and do everything to make other people feel good. Can you call good people altruists? – Yes, perhaps! Many good people can be called altruists, because such people do good, without demanding anything in return. Some people not only help others sometimes, but also create whole charitable organizations to help a huge number of people.

People at all times considered good as one of the most important human qualities,

the victory of good we see in folk tales, stories and other literary works of different genres. People like it when in books they observe the victory of good over evil, so the authors of various works often end their works with just this victory.

Today, people who have real kindness, is becoming less and less. Indifference and selfishness take their toll, robbing humanity of one of the most valuable qualities. Many people calmly pass by other people’s problems, pretending that they did not notice anything. Everyone has their own affairs – endless worries, work, people stop appreciating priceless qualities and gradually become robots. I hope that someday mankind will again prefer the present, live communication, will appreciate real friendship and will be indifferent to people who need help. Now computers have made people more callous and less “alive”, kindness has become not so important quality, as it was before.

When we give way to public transport or help older people cross the road, we are doing good, but, unfortunately, few people now think that it is more correct to attribute such actions to our duties, and not to the manifestation of kindness as such. Kindness is something more, accessible to everyone and, at the same time, peculiar to a few.

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Works about good