Educated person

The educated person. What does this concept mean? The explanatory dictionary defines the word “educated” as: “Different in good education, able to behave well”.

At different times people, of course, put different meaning in this concept, because the “good” education for people of different eras was represented in different ways. After all, what was considered a “good” education of the ancient Greeks or the Sumerians, in our time may simply be indecent!

But I tried to figure out what “good upbringing” means and “to behave well” these days, and that’s what I came to.

Well-bred people never rude to anyone, even enemies. He is always polite and benevolent with everyone. Such a person will never offend either word or deed. From a well-bred person you will not hear an obscene word, and just a rude word is unlikely he will say in the presence of other people.

A person can be called well-bred if he opens the door to the woman following him, if the man first greets a woman. And in the country, an educated person is obliged to greet any stranger, even a stranger, in the city, this is not necessary.

Also educated is a person who knows how to behave culturally at a table. He should properly and accurately behave in everyday life, be neat in clothes and watch his appearance.

Much is required of a well-bred person! But these requirements are not so difficult to achieve if they received a good upbringing in their childhood.

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Educated person