Spring phenomena of nature

For three spring months, nature has time to change beyond recognition. In March, it is just beginning to wake up from the hibernation. Spring heat is not enough to make snow and ice blocks melt, but the air is gradually warmed, preparing all life for a gradual awakening, the first cumulus clouds appear that soar very high.

Active Thawing of snow begins in the first half of April. It is caused by the sun, which already rises high above the horizon. The air around is filled with the murmur of streams, which can provoke the onset of flood – an obvious spring sign.

Spring ice drifts and causes fears. The ice-bound rivers will not soon be able to get rid of their shackles, but as soon as the sun gathers its strength, they will rebel and try to break the ice shell by their current. Sometimes ice does not have time to melt, congestions are formed, which can cause destructive floods. But if the rivers are opened correctly, and the ice has moved simultaneously in several places,

serious consequences can be avoided.

The sun gradually fills with its warmth the earth, which reflects it and creates a prerequisite for the formation of the Spring Winds. While they are still weak and unstable, but the warmer it gets around, the more air masses move. Such winds are called thermal, they are typical for this time of year.

Here and there the snow descends from the earth, forming a nondescript Thaw. They appear everywhere, where the snow cover was the most subtle. It is the appearance of the thawed patches that indicates that the winter has surrendered its rights, and a new season has begun. Through them, the first greens quickly make their way, on them you can find the first spring flowers – snowdrops. The snow will lie for a long time in the crevices and depressions, but on the hill it melts quickly, substituting islands of land for a warm sun.

The first buds in the trees appear in late April – early May. The grass has already pierced its green stems, and the trees are preparing to dress green outfits. The leaves will dissolve quickly and suddenly. Today you were happy

that buds swelled, and tomorrow they are already adorned with a large leaf bud, which will open just about. How beautiful and joyful around. The singing of birds is heard, the buzzing of the first bees and insects appears. Everything awakens around and gets ready for the blossoming of life.

At the end of May, the first thunderstorm can thunder. It’s not so strong yet, but strong. The torrential rains will finally be finished with the spring mud and will prepare the ground for the beginning of the next season. The transition to summer will not last for a long time. This is the only seasonal period that passes quickly and imperceptibly.

Bright flowering, juicy greens, warm air – all this indicates that the summer will come into its own in the shortest possible time. In many areas of our country, according to local signs and beliefs, the end of spring symbolizes the appearance of the first mosquitoes. As soon as he buzzed over your ear, it means everything, summer has come.

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Spring phenomena of nature