Composition “Journey to China”

China occupies a special place on the geographical map of our planet. This state is one of the greatest mysteries of mankind. The great Wall of China. as the wise guardian of eternity looks at our world from the high green mountains, the foothills of which are washed on all sides by the gentle waves of the Yellow Sea.

According to archaeologists, Chinese civilization has existed for more than 6,000 years. At all times, the main activity of the Chinese was agriculture and rice cultivation. By the way, it is Chinese rice that is now considered the best in the world. In the history of the country, China has a lot of dynasties. The most famous of these are the Han dynasty (206 BC-220 AD) and the Tang dynasty (618-907 AD). The Han Dynasty has longest rule in China, leaving a deep imprint in history, and the Tang dynasty has modernized the country’s policy, which in the following years had a positive impact on its economic well-being.

In the I century AD. e. established

trade sea alliance between Europe and China. At the same time in Europe, the Roman Empire began to reign. Curiously, the Chinese called Rome – Daqing. which means Greater China. and the Romans called China “seres”, which means silk. Meanwhile, the production of silk in China to this day is considered one of the best on the planet.

Traveling around Beijing, the capital with a long history and high reputation in the modern world, you will enjoy. China occupies a large part of the Asian continent. The most famous resort areas of the country are Baidahhe and Hainan Island. Fans of history and artifacts are more suitable for the central part of the country, including all kinds of provinces and Beijing with Shanghai. Tourists prefer the bright sun and endless sandy beaches are preferable to go to the island of Hainan. In China. as in all Asian countries, there are many temples that can be visited both in the island part of the country and on the mainland. The weather in China is different. In the north, cold winters (from -7 to -20) and a relatively warm summer, and quite dry (an average of 22). On Hainan,

everything blooms and smells throughout the year, which is not surprising, given the tropical monsoon climate. In the resort, the average air temperature is +28 degrees. In the southern part of the state the climate is almost the same as on the islands.

The Chinese themselves are extremely friendly and communicate with foreigners quite willingly, although in English they do not speak much. The population of China is 1.2 billion people.

Pay special attention to Chinese cuisine, it is very diverse and in the eastern mystery. However, attention to food should not be given too much, because for a limited period of time, it is already difficult to attend even one third of the most interesting and colorful places, because they are incredibly many in China. Talk about everything that can be done in China and where to go, it makes no sense. In China you need to fly.

To get to China on your own, you need to issue a visa. It is issued within a week at the Chinese Embassy or through a travel agency. And the last thing: when you go to China, remember: the East is a delicate business, and the Far East is a subtle one!

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Composition “Journey to China”